Every girl loves shopping for shoes, so on your big day, it can be tempting to splurge. You may think that you need a $ 500 pair of shoes, but there are some things that should need to be taken into consideration before purchasing them. In general, you are going to want to have two pair of shoes for your wedding. One pair for the ceremony and the other pair for dancing. If you are comfortable in your boots, you should still consider a pair of flats for later in the night. Aching feet on your honeymoon could be an excellent way to get a foot rub, or it could just be a pain.

For The Ceremony

If you are going to spend a lot of money on your shoes, here is not the time. Think about it, your dress will for the most part always cover your shoes. Therefore, paying out the nose for designer shoes is not necessary since they will not be able to get the jaw drop reaction you are looking for. A sensible, yet still dressy shoe should be worn. You can get a stunning pair of shoes though! Just do not put your whole budget on them. Ensure that you are comfortable standing in one position your new shoes, as well as being able to walk. You will be nervous, so your legs will be wobbly. Therefore, stiletto heels may not be the best option for all brides. Take a few test runs with them to ensure they are a good fit before the big day.

The After Party

Now, if you bought those Prada boots, hopefully, you bought a cocktail dress to match it too. When brides change after the first dance, they will often put on a sharp, sexy outfit. Now is the best time to strut around in those expensive shoes you just bought. After dancing for a bit your feet will get tired, or it could get a little dangerous if you have been drinking. At that point in time, you should put on a pair of cheap flats and enjoy the rest of your night.

Your shoes should not make or break your wedding budget. Sometimes there has to be a trade-off, for what you want and what is realistic. No matter how you look at it, your shoes are necessary, and they should make you happy. Always prepare yourself for later in the night, your feet will get tired after being on them all day, you do not want to be in pain on your special day. Enjoy it to its fullest, and buy another pair of shoes.

Source by Imran Nasir